Location Sound

I provide location sound recordist services in the Ottawa area, for films, documentaries, corporate media, and more.

My equipment can handle small to medium sized productions with up to 4 wireless channels and 2 boom microphones. I use Zaxcom digital wireless, which transmits and records on the transmitter at the same time so there's never a concern about radio interference or range issues ruining a take.

  • Microphones

    • DPA 4017B hypercardioid x2
    • DPA 4017C supercardioid x2
    • DPA 4060 omni lavalier x3
    • DPA 6060 omni lavalier x1
    • Sennheiser MKE 2 omni lavalier x2
    • Sanken COS-11D omni lavalier x2
  • Wireless Systems

    • Zaxcom ZMT4 transmitters x4
    • Zaxcom ZMT4-X transmitters x2
    • Zaxcom MRX414 4-channel receiver with RX-4 interface
    • Sennheiser SK500 G4 transmitters x2
    • Sennheiser EK500 G4 receivers x2 (for IFB/client monitoring)
  • Mixers/Recorders

    • Sound Devices MixPre 10ii
    • Tentacle Track E x2
  • Accessories and Infrastructure

    • Tentacle Sync timecode generators x2
    • Ursa waist straps and pouches for wireless transmitters
    • K-Tek KEG-150CCR and KEG-100 boom poles
    • Rycote modular windshield, PSC M5 Pro, Cinela E-OSIX-4018C shock mounts
    • C stands
    • Sound absorbing blankets