Making things is my passion, whether it’s software, cat toys, cardboard chairs, music, useless circuits, or anything else. This page contains a mostly-software excerpt of the things I’ve made, and you can check out GitHub @pushrax for more.

  • Frustra Software

    Frustra Software Design is a collaboration in software between myself and Jacob Wirth. We’ve worked together on a few of the projects featured on this page.

  • Portal 2 Sounds & TF2 Sounds

    A set of soundboards for dialog from Valve’s Portal and Team Fortress 2 series’.

    As of February 2014, these sites have served over 65,000,000 aggregate listens, totalling over 9 TB of bandwidth.

    frustra project » php
  • MyCraft

    A mod manager and loader for all versions of Minecraft. As of some time in 2013, we’ve served over 1,000,000 unique downloads.

    frustra project » java
  • wat do?

    A time management webapp that helps you decide what to do and track what you got done.

    frustra project » node.js
  • node-rcon

    An RCON client library for Node.js with support for Source, GoldSrc, Minecraft and other servers that use the protocol.

  • node-xdcc

    A Node.js library for performing XDCC file transfers.

  • node-blog-base

    A dead simple, lightweight blogging backend built in Node.js with markdown. Powers the Frustra blog, and the blog on this site.

  • mal

    A command-line client for using their official REST API.

  • catnip

    A simple, single server deployment utility that automates git and mercurial based workflows.

    Used in production on the Frustra servers.

  • bfit

    brainfuck in time (or bfit) is a x86 just-in-time compiler for the esoteric language brainfuck, written in pure C.

  • kantan

    kantan is a way to generate consistent 16-colour templates across all of the programs you use. It has defaut templates for vim, xterm, iTerm 2, and more.

  • TetrUs

    A cooperative multiplayer version of the classic video game Tetris Each partner controls a single block, requiring coordination to earn points and clear the game.

    frustra project » java
  • express-template-cache

    A simple template cache for serving pre-rendered static pages in Express.

  • jp33r

    A peer-to-peer UDP socket library that automates NAT traversal for Java applications. Used in TetrUs.

  • Chihaya

    A high-performance, scalable BitTorrent tracker in Go. It is currently powering a network of over 400,000 peers, sustaining an average throughput of around 20,000 req/min.